SEO Tips and Tricks

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is essential to ensure your business is visible online. Curating content that includes SEO essentials means Google and other search engines can see you and your service or products offering. 

Algorithms implemented by our ‘friends’ at Google make SEO tricky and sometimes difficult to stay on top of. Today SEO is all about relevancy and consistency, ie: delivering frequent and engaging content to your audience. 

We’re big believers in education to equip you with the tools to manage the basics of your online platforms, but if things get a little too overwhelming, the Of Note team specialise in SEO and Digital Tool set up as well as SEO Maintenance and have successfully achieved fantastic results for our clients across a range or industries. 

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Below we share our top five tips to search engine optimise (SEO) your website.

1 | Know your Keywords

Do your research and understand what your customers search to find you and your competitors. Once you have a solid understanding of what search terms your audience search with, incorporate these into your content, but don’t ‘keyword stuff’. Overuse of keywords can actually harm your SEO so use them tactfully and in relevant sentences.

2 | Update your URL

Your URL is a great place to pop a keyword or two. The use of well thought out URLs can assist with Google ranking as well as helping customers to navigate your site. Use long tail keywords or short sentences such as 

3 | Optimise your images

Adding new images regularly to your site is great for SEO but make sure you rename your image before uploading or in the CMS of your website for optimum SEO benefits. Your default image name may be something like ‘IMG 25793-0’ but an SEO optimised image name would look like ‘ Scented-Candles-Valentines-Gift-Basket’. See how something that seems so insignificant can help you to optimise your content and create places for craft words to live? Make sure to keep your images below 500KB for best site performance.

4 | Link to internal pages

SEO is all about creating a friendly user experience. A great way to help your users online is to add internal links or ‘hyperlinks’ between pages. By doing this, the text appears in a different way, making it clear you can click on the word to navigate to the page we’re talking about. 

For example, if I wanted to show you our team page, I would recommend you hyperlink like this. 

5 | Feature your location

Display your service area or product delivery area with your website. If your clients visit you, add your address and location to a map embedded in your website. Featuring your location eg: Leederville, Perth WA is essential for clients to realise you are local and for locally phrased keyword searches. 

There is so much more to the art of strategic SEO implementation and management and it’s one of our specialties. To find out more about how Of Note can assist you to build your online presence and digital tools contact our team.

Kirsty Russell