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Sometimes a project comes along that we just have to work with. That’s how we felt when Jenn from Living Child came to see us at the Of Note Studio. One of our passions is the not for profit sector and we love to help those who do good in the world. And do good Jenn, Founder and CEO Sara and their team certainly do. 

“It’s a privilege to use our design skills for the sake of others wellbeing and safety and we are so proud to have worked with this incredible organisation.”

Living Child Inc. is a not for profit, non-government charity that aims to reduce the maternal and infant death-rate in remote villages of Papua New Guinea. They providing training, visual teaching aids and birthing kits to Midwives and Village Birth Attendants. Midwives, health nurses, and obstetricians volunteer their time to travel to these communities in order to share this life altering knowledge.

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"The women in the communities in which Living Child Inc works will be able to choose when and how many children they have, that they will be able to give birth safely and their children will have every opportunity to grow and thrive.”

We knew after our first meeting that this was a charity we had to work with, to ensure their online presence showcased the wonderful work they do and encouraged public support and donations. 

Of Note have revamped Living Child’s branding providing a style guide for their brand as well as guiding their creative direction on their new website.


Beautiful, organic imagery was utilised within the new website design while highlighting Living Child’s values, core services and wonderful work they provide to mothers and communities in rural Papua New Guinea. 

We are both proud and awed to have worked with Living Child. I cannot tell you how much we support these guys and all they’re doing to provide women with health training, education and support to the remote villages of Papua New Guinea.

If you would like to donate or become a regular sponsor, visit the link below to explore the Living Child Inc initiative. 

Kirsty Russell