How to achieve a consistent brand identity


Achieving a consistent brand identity is important for brand integrity and ensuring your business maintains consistent and cohesive appearance across multiple platforms. In a recent blog post, we discussed what ‘Brand Consistency’ is and why it is important. These are two important understandings, but sometimes the hardest part is ensuring your brand remains consistent when we are applying to different channels; print, website, social media are just a few of the executions and without a set of clear guidelines, brand consistency can become lost.

Below we detail our tips to ensure you achieve a consistent brand identity

1 | Develop a brand style guide

A brand style guide should be your first step to create consistency for your brand. of Note craft branding guides which provide direction on how to implement your logo, branding elements, typography and colour palette to ensure your brand will be communicated cohesively across all touchpoints, no matter the execution type or the person responsible for the execution itself.



2 | Audit and update existing branded materials

Rebranding an old brand to new can have many follow-on actions to ensure the new brand identity replaces the previous style. Take the time and effort to apply your new branding to previous materials like business cards, brochures and flyers to avoid confusion for your audience.

If your brand is new, take the time to think about the branded materials you require to launch your brand. Consider your website, business stationery, social media assets, promotional material and photography. of Note’s photography packages can complement your branding with cohesive imagery to bring life and consistent visuals to your brand.


 3 | Apply your brand’s tone and personality consistently across channels

The application of your brand’s personality is sometimes more important than the brand itself. With the right materials and a clear consistent message this reflecting your brand’s personality and the tone of your business is simple and easy. When it comes to staying consistent on social media, we can set up templates in Canva an easy to use platform with the ability to edit your own branded graphics. We also specialise in custom illustrations, patterns and elements can be used across your brand applications for a completely unique look and feel to your brand.



4 | Approach future content with brand consistency in mind

Planning and thinking ahead is important for brand consistency. Think about the types of collateral you will need in the next few months; will you need multiple social media tiles for Facebook and Instagram? Do you have enough photography to populate your website with new, consistent imagery? Are your brand fonts available on your computer for you and your team to use for daily collateral?

These are all simple steps and with careful planning and the help of the Of Note team, we can ensure your brand retains a consistent brand identity for the years to come.

Our creative team is ready to bring your vision to reality. 

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Kirsty Russell