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Have you ever had a clear vision about where you wanted to go but uncertainty about what the journey looks like to get there? We sure have… and that’s exactly the hurdle our friends at Visser Construction had when we first met at our studio in West Perth.

Visser Construction approached Of Note in early 2019 with the goal to refresh and elevate their existing branding. Having been a residential builder in Perth for some time, the objective of redefining their brand and visual identity was to share and make prominent their development experience without losing their home construction tone of voice. 

Peter, Aaron, and the team had their vision clear and had the operational side of their business ready for the brand evolution ahead of them. Of Note provided the guidance to take their business to visual form, truly showcasing what they do best.


It was such a joy. Beautiful homes, stylish designs and a passionate Visser team.


Of Note embarked upon a full brand refresh, evolving their existing branding to reposition themselves in line with their identified target market. Their logo, brand summary, and typography were the first focus, refining and elevating their brand.


We’ve got to say, taking an existing brand to the next level is one of our favourite things to do!


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Next up was a new website complete with SEO optimised copy that provided a smooth user experience and created a sense of luxury and experience; two key values of Visser. By utilising Squarespace and providing custom tweaks, the unique website is now completely manageable by Visser, thanks to our one-on-one tutorial and friendly Squarespace interface.


We’re big Squarespace fans. Read more about why we’re Squarespace evangelists.



We organised a photoshoot with in-house photographer and Of Note Director, Kirsty, to capture fresh images that captured the Visser team and their professionalism. 


We cannot emphasise enough how important photos on your website are. And by photos we mean crisp, high resolution, curated images that capture your brand essence (not iPhone snaps - let’s leave those for social).


A brochure followed with the purpose to be a general brochure as well as a capability statement to provide to potential clients. The brochure is informative, detailed and professional with a sleek on-brand design to match their refreshed portfolio of assets.

We loved working with the Visser team and are so pleased with the result of their re-brand, website and photography.



Explore their website or get started on your brand and website journey by contacting the Of Note team.

Kirsty Russell