The Benefits of Social Media

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In today’s modern business world, communicating to clients and potential clients online is essential.

Did you know that 3.19 billion people are active on social media, and of these individuals, at least 80% of people choose to interact with businesses online?* Yep, that’s a lot of people you could be talking to about your brand!

Creating organic content and sharing content from others to your business’ social media platforms is a great way to connect with your audience online. But how do you and your business stand out from the masses? We find it’s a combination of two things. 1) genuine engagement and enjoyment of social media and 2) showcasing visually engaging content that sets your business apart.

Our mission is to help clients with the second ingredient. Think of us as the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Robin to your Batman and the Ernie to your Bert; helping you on your way to social media success town.

We believe that the key to social media success is posting content that is creative, relevant, and unique. Because who does you better than you, right?

Showcasing content doesn’t just sell your brand well. It’s your opportunity to tell a story of who you are and what you do. We give you the tools (great photography, beautifully designed graphics, training in how to use social media outlets quickly and effectively) so you can concentrate on smashing your business goals.

Of Note are different to digital marketing agencies. We love a good strategy, but our talents lie in turning that strategy into a buffet of tasty bites of content, ready to be devoured.

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We’re sharing some of the benefits below

Increase your brand awareness

Through a strategic approach to social media, you can reach more people, making them aware of your brand and service or product offering. Targeting and engagement techniques can extend your reach, connecting more prospective clients to your business.

Think of your clients like ships at sea. Without your lighthouse (or social media content if we’re being metaphorical) guiding their way, they might become lost, or not find you - the solution they are searching for!

Keep top of mind

Consistent posting and engagement online keeps your brand, content and messaging front of mind. Social media users interact with their platform at all hours of the day and night. Through regular posting, your business can remain front of mind outside of business hours.

We might be social superheros by day, but #homelife kicks in after 5pm. The world of social, however, is a 24 hour machine.

Increase your website traffic

Content curated with purpose that is interesting and engaging is a great way to entice your social media following to read more on your website. Once they have clicked on your link to ‘read more,’ let your website do the talking.

We like to think of a website click as the home-run of social. Once your customer is on your site, we can tell our story, promote our products and capture the data we need (we’ll write another blog post on this soon!)

Increase your sales

By showcasing your products or services strategically and effectively, sales will follow. Linking your product URL to your social media post is an effective way to encourage your user to purchase with just a few clicks, removing the chore of navigating through your site (or your competitors) to find what they need. Beautiful imagery and a value-driven offering can encourage your audience to purchase or enquire in the moment, because #YOLO.

Customer service and support

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are often used as customer service and community platforms. The likes of Nike, Starbucks, and Spotify have dedicated support pages for customer questions, concerns or praise. Now, we're not suggesting setting up new support pages - that requires a lot of manpower! But taking inspiration from what can be achieved through transparent online communication is a crucial learning to gain from these guys.

Learn about your customers and potential customers

There is no better customer research platform than social media. Reading the comments, shares, and reviews, customers leave for your business can give you learnings to improve your products or service. Behind the security of a screen, customers can leave their most frank and honest feedback (we recommend a glass of wine, or your preferred comfort food on hand). Be that good or bad, finding out your customers likes and dislikes, what they feel you do well and what you need to improve upon are invaluable for business progression.

Of Note manage social media differently; through creative content and collaboration. We believe in empowering our clients to take the reins, speak their truth and create awesome content.

*Source: Hootsuite

Kirsty Russell